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Where is it used? Where does it come from? How is it made? Is it good for the environment? Is it good for my engine? What needs to be done?
Is it good for the environment?

Ethanol is the most environmentally friendly alternative to fuel that works in the cars we already have. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 59 percent relative to gasoline, and keeps harmful chemicals like MTBE and benzene out of our air. And because it’s grown and made here in America, ethanol reduces the high environmental cost of shipping foreign oil. Roll your mouse around to learn more.

Reduced emissions

E10, already used at most fuel pumps in America, burns cleaner than standard gasoline, making the air better for all of us. The 10 percent ethanol currently in our nation’s gasoline decreases emissions equivalent up to removing 7 million cars from the road.

Energy for the future

The future of ethanol is brighter than ever. Innovation over the past few years has brought ethanol to where it is now: on the verge of being able to replace foreign oil on a large scale. Ethanol will play a vital role in helping America become more energy secure. Learn more.

Fewer oil spills, cleaner water

The ethanol we use now already replaces 661,000 barrels of imported oil every day. That amounts to one less oil tanker coming in and out of our ports every week – and one less chance of an oil spill fouling our coastlines and waterways.

Reduced greenhouse gas emissions

As a renewable fuel, ethanol is doing more for the environment. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 59 percent relative to gasoline. You can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions even more by driving a flex fuel car and running it on higher blends of ethanol-enhanced gasoline. Learn more.