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Where is it used? Where does it come from? How is it made? Is it good for the environment? Is it good for my engine? What needs to be done?
Where is it used?

Almost every fuel station in America pumps a gas-ethanol blend called E10. This blend, which is 10 percent ethanol and 90 percent gasoline – is approved for every car made after 1980. It’s probably in your gas tank right now.

Flex fuel vehicle owners can find higher blends up to 85 percent ethanol – called E85 – at many gas stations around the country. Roll your mouse over the station to learn more.


Ethanol is the highest-performance fuel on the market. It makes racecars go faster and helps keep your car’s engine clean. At the right blend, it’s even been known to increase gas mileage. Learn more.

Locate flex fuel pumps/E85 stations

If you drive a flex fuel vehicle (FFV), you have the opportunity to do even more for America and the environment by filling up with E85. Locate your closest E85 pump.

Flex fuel vehicles can also run on mid-range gas-ethanol blends like E20, E30 and higher. Locate your closest flex fuel/blender pump.

Information for retailers

For retailers, offering ethanol can bring new customers and profits. And with more Americans driving flex fuel cars, there’s growing consumer demand for homegrown fuel that’s better for our environment and energy security. Learn more about the benefits of selling ethanol.

Flex fuel vehicles and higher blends

Flex fuel vehicles (FFVs) are cars that run efficiently on any ethanol-gas blend up to E85 (85 percent ethanol, 15 percent gas). Using the right blend, flex fuel vehicles give consumers the choice to purchase the gasoline – ethanol blend of their choice. Many popular car models now come in flex fuel versions. See a full list of FFVs.